Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"Speaking of New Orleans..."

Seems I posted not a single blog entry in all of 2006. I've been remiss. How did that full year pass so quickly?

I've made editorial revisions to the blog. Gone are any references to currency trading. (Surely there are already too many millions of words devoted to that topic; the world needs no more, especially from me.) And in all honesty, I intend this blog for my closest friends and I to stay connected, separated as we are by the events started on 29 August 2005. To the unlucky others who'll read these words, thanks for being here, but surely your time is better spent on a more talented writer with whom you share common interests. You're very welcome here, all the same. Don't be surprised, however, if discussions focus far too intently on the quality of reuben sandwiches at Liuzza's By the Track.

"Speaking of New Orleans..." Now that's a phrase the President can't say today, as last night he delivered his 2007 State of the Union address and said not one word about the Gulf Coast. He expressed greater enthusiasm for the rebuilding of Baghdad than for the rebuilding of the Lower Ninth Ward, or Mississippi, or anywhere else that flies the flag stuck in his suit lapel. No matter, to be frank; he's a goner, a loser, an anachronistic coward from the past, who'll be personally forgotten despite the lasting consequences of his decisions. The uninspired and uninspiring Child King. He's nothing now. His war is significant, but anything the man said, or left unsaid, is insignificant because the speaker is nothing but a shadow of emptiness. His administration implodes.

So with an absent president, is there another leader for New Orleans?

Ray Nagin seems missing. He's tired, surely. And how I wish he'd not run for mayor again, let alone bait race as a means to re-election. He lost me after he had me. When he spoke with Garland on the Thursday after the storm, when he told the world what was really going on in the city, as I listened to the radio huddled up with the dogs, my ear pressed close so as to not miss a word, I swear I'd have defended the man with my life. Since then, however....

Governor Blanco. Remember her? I don't.

Bobby Jindal. Hmmm, now there's a big brain misapplied. For all his reputation for smarts he works more for a bankrupt political philosophy than he does for the men, women, and children in his district. But he's running to replace the already gone Blanco, so we'll hear a lot more from the brain. Dislodging Blanco shouldn't take much money; Governor Opportunist is on his way to Baton Rouge.

There are two United States Senators in Washington who are working hard for you and me. I don't doubt their sincerity, but where are the results of their labors?

One wonders why leadership is lacking in New Orleans. Some will say that "political correctness" stifles leadership. Others might guess that there's a lack of backbone. Or maybe leadership comes with too high a cost, or too little reward. Regardless of the cause, New Orleans is staggering its way along, dodging bullets (sometimes) and dodging more hurricanes (so far.) Parts remain empty. Parts are rebuilt. Parts are in limbo, with the souls tied to those buildings sharing the fate. State Farm remains reviled. But thankjesuschrist you can savor the butter in an almond croissant at La Boulangerie on Magazine Street. And thankmorethanjesuschrist that the Saints won their division and played hard in the NFC Championship and provided us all with laughs and an occasion to call each other with fun news.

I hope to hear from you all. You know you own my love and friendship. I'll be more responsible when writing. Until later...



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