Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Faces of Kindness

Despite recent blog entries that focused on the heartless nature of some employees of rental offices in the City of Richmond, the kindness of others overwhelms the ill-generous and reduces me to a humbled "thank you."

Check it out: yesterday Maura from Catholic Charities called to inform me that they would be paying my deposit and first month's rent on the little house I'm so desperately trying to rent in Church Hill.

I don't know what to say.

She had called to follow-up and I informed her that I remained in a waiting mode. The rental agency (not Cindy's Main Street Properties) is in possession of 1) a co-signer; 2) documents from FEMA saying that I qualify for future rental assistance; and 3) assurance from me that I'd pay the deposit, October rent, and two additional months early. Despite all this, I'm still waiting. And add to it now the commitment from Catholic Charities for their aid.

As of Tuesday, I'm still on pins and needles. The search for housing equals the stress of the flooding... no kidding.

I need a house!

Others have pledged their help, too, and I'm moved by their kindness.

So for those of you keeping track, please know that not everyone is as rotten as Cindy Proffitt. There are so many others whose kindness diminishes the impact of the unhelpful.

Thank you, everyone, for your care and concern and support. I'm unable to communicate what it means to me right now.

It means my world!!!


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Anonymous Sherry said...

And YOU mean the world to us, Joe!!!!

3:09 PM  
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