Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"I Hope You Good Luck"

"I'm sorry?" I said.

"I hope you good luck," he repeated.

We sat only one seat apart in the waiting area of the Richmond Salvation Army, a place of remarkable activity.

I've never heard his good intentions voiced quite that way before. But I've been thinking about it, and I've grown quite fond of the phrase, with wishes being so un-worldly, so unattainable.

So Cinderella.

True, our ears expect such phrases to be repeated -- we don't say "Happy Christmas" or "Merry New Year" now do we ? -- but his intention rung so real and unmistakably sincere. I dig hopes; they trump wishes. I'm hopeful right now.

Last week wishful. This week hopeful.

That's progress, moving beyond wishing.

Last week I wished the pain and destruction of this storm away.
Last week I wished I could return to my studio as it existed before.
Last week I wished I could get a full night's sleep.

The sleep has yet to return but the Kubler-Ross denial stage fades and the studio is undeniably wrecked. Period. Facts be facts, damnit.

As Richmond and I grow closer, I'm visiting houses looking for a place to live and work. And I'm hopeful.

And yesterday gave cause for a true celebration, too: a commission that had been in discussion before Katrina has moved forward. I've been green-lighted on a $2200 piece and the 75% deposit is on its way.

I'm working again!!!!

Well... Soon I'm working again!!!!

How's that...?

One's dignity, I'm discovering anew, weaves tightly to work and my own independence remains a central issue. As soon as I rent a house, I'll start up the artwork.

Bring it on.

Learned today, though, that not everyone offers help. The weasel behind the desk at St. John's Realty on the corner of 22nd and Broad Street gave me grief and assured me "his boss" would deny my application because I'm currently unemployed. I reminded him that the entire Gulf Coast of the United States is currently unemployed! Bozo.

I'll go elsewhere.

And I'll go there confidently.

Because I and so many others have been hoped good luck from a kindly soul also in need and waiting near me in the reception area of the Salvation Army.

I hope you good luck, too.


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Blogger Joe said...

i'm sure i have no idea what the "whack whack back" bozo is talking about in the comment above.


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turn on word verification for your comments. and what were you doing at the salvation army?

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Anonymous Zach said...


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Blogger Joe said...

when spammers spam a blog, the e-world spins improperly on its axis.

2:28 PM  

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